Buns & Rolls

Variety Plus Concentrate 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Variety Plus Concentrate 2.0 is a plasticized concentrate containing ingredients precisely scaled and formulated to produce high quality gourmet-type breads, rolls, and buns. FEATURES By using different flours and formula adjustments, the baker can produce 10-15 different products from one concentrate Contains unique conditioners, enzymes, and an emulsification system […]

Mr. Potato Bread and Roll Concentrate 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Mr. Potato Bread & Roll Concentrate 2.0 is a plastic mix that contains all of the minor ingredients necessary to produce potato breads, buns and rolls. FEATURES Extends product shelf life and reduces stales Produces a unique, delicious flavor Formulated with a no-time dough system designed for excellent tolerance […]

No. 20 Dinner Roll Base ZTF

DESCRIPTION: No. 20 Dinner Roll Base ZTF is an extra rich base, for bread and rolls, designed to produce high quality products for a premium market. FEATURES Incorporates the “fast-time” dough method for ease of production Easy to use; recommended usage rate at 20 lbs to 100 lbs of flour. […]

Hawaiian Sweet Roll Base 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Hawaiian Sweet Roll Base 2.0 is designed for the production of Hawaiian sweet bread, buns and dinner rolls that are light in texture and rich in flavor. FEATURES Does not contain Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) Does not contain artificial colors or flavors Try topping with various ingredients like onions, […]