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    • Review mixing times
    • Review the strength on vital wheat gluten and dough conditioners; this could be the result of excessive strength or weak product
    • Review and reduce dough temperature; this may be a warm dough
    • Check relative humidity at the proof box
    • Review absorption on formulation, ensure it’s on the standards
    • Reduce floor time
    • Reduce oven temperatures
    • Reduce absorption on formulation; spots are an indication of over absorption
    • Reduce yeast levels
    • Check relative humidity on proof box, may be too high
    • Review fermentation time
    • Check and reduce floor time; this could indicate old dough
    • Check dough temperature
    • Increase mix time; a typical indication of an undermixed dough
    • Reduce strengthener on the formula as vital wheat gluten
    • Increase absorption
    • Increase humidity on the proofer; this could be dry crust
    • Increase yeast level to increase height of the buns before oven
    • Check baking profile; first oven zones may be too high