Tortillas & Flatbreads

Trim Carb® Tortilla Ext 2.0

DESCRIPTION Trim Carb® Tortilla Ext 2.0 is a base formulated for the production of carb control tortillas. FEATURES Usage is 80 lbs. of Trim Carb® Tortilla Ext 2.0 to 20 lbs. of flour Makes a tortilla with maximum flexibility and stack-ability without sticking together Produces a variety of tortillas and […]

Southern Tortilla 200 CL

DESCRIPTION Southern Tortilla 200 CL is a clean label base used to make a tortilla with maximum flexibility,very little translucency, and an extended shelf life. It greatly reduces sticking and improves softness and rollability. FEATURES Cleaner ingredient legend Contains newer anti-stick technology Uses the latest in extended shelf life technology […]

Stretch Out Base 2.0

DESCRIPTION Stretch Out Base 2.0 is a no-time base for pizza dough, tortillas, pita bread, and other doughs requiring extensibility. FEATURES Aids dough development and reduces mixing time Produces bread that stretches easily without “snap-back” Does not contain Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) INGREDIENTS Salt, Palm Shortening, Dextrose, Corn Starch, Mono- […]