Pan Bread

NS 14 Bread Base ZTF No ADA

DESCRIPTION: A semi-plastic, concentrated, no-time base for the production of white bread and soft rolls. FEATURES Improves tenderness of baked products Enhances uniformity of finished products Doughs have greater absorption, increased extensibility and superior machinability By following our recipe, end products will contain zero grams trans fat per serving Does […]

Crack’n Good Wheat Base 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Crack ‘N Good Wheat Base 2.0 is a cracked wheat base, that produces bread with exceptional eye appeal and flavor. FEATURES Does not contain Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) Enhances uniformity and improved tenderness of baked bread and rolls Yields dough with increased extensibility and greater absorption Superior machinability allows […]

Caravan Organic Oat Blend

DESCRIPTION Caravan Organic Oat Blend is a 100% organic certified blend of flour and grains produced following the strictest standards for organic processing. FEATURES Used in the production of bread and rolls at 35-40% level on flour Bread product made with this blend, according to label, can be classified as […]

Half ‘N Half Honey Whole Grain

DESCRIPTION: Half ‘N Half Honey Whole Grain is a unique blend of 6 whole grains (non refined) and honey that can be incorporated into current formulas to produce delicious whole grain bread. FEATURES Versatile; add whole wheat flour to produce a more nutritious compact loaf or patent flour to make […]