Lending Bakers a Helping Hand

Times are tough for everyone. And now more than ever, professionals whose lives have been impacted by the coronavirus could use a hand up to make those aspects of their jobs they can control as easy as possible.

In the baked goods world, Corbion’s Technical Service Team is there to help. Providing unrivaled support in the industry, the team has, on average, more than 80 people out on the streets, servicing the company’s customers. As COVID-19 restricted plant and bakery visits in person, tech team members have continued to offer troubleshooting tips and technical insights to bakers remotely 7 days a week, to keep Corbion’s customers at the forefront of the baking industry.

The team is comprised of experts in pan bread, artisan bread, buns, bagels, tortillas/flatbreads, icings, cakes and more. Team members work to increase Corbion’s customers’ profitability through new product support, problem solving and process optimization. Learn more about troubleshooting issues the Corbion team can assist with and submit questions directly to the team.

“From optimizing the introduction of new products, to ensuring our ingredients produce consistent, superior results, our team helps keep our customers operational and profitable. The technical service team also works closely with our R&D department to enhance product performance and create custom solutions for our customers’ most challenging situations.”

CJ McClellan, Senior Manager, Global Marketing, Corbion

Baker’s looking for immediate recipe inspiration can locate ideas in The Baker’s Take recipe database. Additional troubleshooting guidance can be accessed on The Baker’s Take’s YouTube channel, in The Baker’s Workbench playlist.

Be on the lookout for continuous troubleshooting tips from Corbion’s Technical Services team on the soon to launch Troubleshooting Tool on TheBakerstake.com.

Common troubleshooting issues the Corbion Technical Services team sees with Breads

Lack of Volume
  • Insufficient yeast
  • Too much salt
  • Over or under mixing
  • Dough conditioners needed
  • Dough is too old
  • Dough is under proofed
  • Proof box is too wet
  • Oven temperature is too high
Excessive Volume
  • Dough is improperly fermented (too young or old)
  • Over mixing
  • Proof box it too wet
  • Excessive proof
  • Weakness at oven
  • Dough conditioner needed
Crust Too Thick
  • Deficiency of sugar or malt
  • Proof box is too dry
  • Oven temperature too low
  • Baking time too long
  • Weakness at oven
  • Dough conditioner needed
Shelling of Top Crust
  • Dough is too stiff
  • Dough is too young
  • Pan proof too short
  • Crusting of dough in proof box
  • Flour in need of malt
  • Dough is short on mixing
Poor Taste and Flavor
  • Improperly balanced formula
  • Insufficient salt
  • Dough is too old
  • Dough temperature too high
  • Dough over proofed
Crust Blisters
  • Young Dough
  • Excessive dough punishment
  • Low level of shortening and/or emulsifiers
  • Low level of conditioners
  • Humidity in proof box is too high
  • Dough is underdeveloped