The science of freshness

Few foods prioritize freshness as much as bread. Ensuring freshness has always been at the top of the to-do list for bakers, yet 90% of consumers say they wished commercial breads had another 14 days of freshness.

Lending Bakers a Helping Hand

Times are tough for everyone. And now more than ever, professionals whose lives have been impacted by the coronavirus could use a hand up to make those aspects of their jobs they can control as easy as possible.

Setting the record straight on emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are among the most important items in a baker’s toolbox. They’re also among the most misunderstood. Some critics point to the lengthy ingredient labels on baked goods that contain emulsifiers. Others claim that baked goods don’t even need emulsifiers.

Eight trends driving change in 2020

Today’s consumers want it all. Flavor, quality and variety are givens. But to be successful, bakers must also often deliver things like convenience, healthfulness, a clean label and a commitment to social responsibility — just to name a few.