Top tips for tapping into health trends

Incorporating well-being into every facet of their lives — particularly with the foods they eat — is a central focus of more and more consumers. Here are some key health-related trends and tips from Lenexa, Kansas-based Corbion:

Eating more healthfully is on the rise due to consumers seeking food that serves a health purpose.
Research shows that 85 percent of global consumers are using food or drink products to improve or treat health issues like obesity, food allergies/sensitivities, heart health or cancer.
– Consumers are eating foods that provide these perceived health benefits and aid them with their specific wellness goals.
-They’re also disregarding foods with ingredients they consider harmful.

Building on clean label, free from and “real” ingredient trends, bakers are creating new products with simpler labels and recognizable ingredients.
– These new items drop artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and use “real” ingredients in place of things like artificial sweeteners.
– These trends center around the consumer perception that recognizable and/or natural ingredients are fresher, less processed and less harmful.
– Clean label is becoming an umbrella concept, under which consumers have begun to associate other healthy eating trends.

Clean-label is a top concern for consumers, but bakers should be careful when reformulating in order to maintain taste, texture and appearance.
Over half of consumers say they pay attention to food ingredient labels, and 33 percent say they’ve increased their research on ingredients.
-Meeting clean-label demands is important, but should be balanced with taste, texture and appearance.
-Bakers should determine which health factors are most important to consumers to create products that meet these requirements while delivering on taste and quality.

Corbion works with each client to help them meet their specific product goals, and then identify the right Corbion solution for their application.
– Removing functional ingredients can negatively impact appearance and consumer desirability.
– Corbion specializes in helping bakers solve these challenges by working directly with customers to implement the most fitting formulation for their specific needs.
– Products like Pristine®, Verdad® MP 100, Tortilla Suave CL and others can all assist with creating delicious in-demand products, while maintaining a cleaner label . Corbion has products that span outside of simplified labels, including non-GMO, organic and super-soaked grains.

Looking to the future, we continue to develop new products that solve challenges for modern day bakers and improve on the performance of previous generations.
– Each of our solutions are designed to help bakers overcome their formulation challenges, regardless of whether they’re related to meeting label demands, or enhancing tolerance, quality or shelf stability.
– Bakers faced with new challenges like limited backroom storage and sourcing skilled labor need proven solutions that help them create authentic, simple, consistent and fresh products.