Conscious and Ethical

In today’s food marketplace, it’s often not enough to have a product that tastes great. More and more consumers want their foods to be made by companies that do business in a transparent, responsible and ethical way.

Demand for ethnic baked goods surges

As America becomes more ethnically diverse, demand for foods from newcomers’ home countries will continue to rise. About seven in 10 chefs told the National Restaurant Association that ethnic-inspired foods would be the top food trend in 2019.

Snacking on the rise

More and more Americans are turning to snacks instead of traditional meals to get their sustenance. Half of all consumer choose a snack over a meal four times a week, and more than a quarter go the snack route up to seven times a week.

The free-from movement is in full force

These days, what a product doesn’t have in it is often the key attribute for consumers. “Free-from” is taking up a higher percentage of new product launches every year, with sugar, carbs, red meat, gluten and dairy at the top of shoppers’ no-no lists.

Corner and mega bakeries

Given the popularity of baked goods, there’s plenty of room in the retail industry for both independent shops and behemoths like Dunkin’ Donuts and Panera to thrive. Wholesale bakeries are also picking up their games, mining many of the same industry trends that retailers have capitalized on.