Gluten Free

Meeting the needs of millennials and Gen Zers

According to recent United Nations data, nearly two out of every three people worldwide fall into one of two demographic groups – millennials or Gen Z. This grouping represents one of the largest consumer bases ever to hit the baked goods industry, where mouths are already watering at the prospect of so many new buyers.

Gluten-free evolves

Experts in the bakery world continue to debate the fate of gluten-free. Has the trend peaked? Or will gluten-free join clean label and other trends that have proven their staying power?

The free-from movement is in full force

These days, what a product doesn’t have in it is often the key attribute for consumers. “Free-from” is taking up a higher percentage of new product launches every year, with sugar, carbs, red meat, gluten and dairy at the top of shoppers’ no-no lists.