Artisan Breads

Building a label they trust

Grasping perceptions and drivers behind the “clean label” movement can help food manufacturers develop offerings that build stronger relationships with consumers. Once considered a significant market trend, the widespread consumer preference for food products with familiar, understandable ingredients is now much more. What many call the “clean label” movement is […]

The evolution of bread

“It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Like most sayings that have stood the test of time, this old chestnut has a lot of truth to it. When shoppers of yore were finally able to buy pre-sliced bread at their local bakery or supermarket, it was indeed a cause for celebration and wonder.

Making – and keeping – baked goods fresh

What makes baked goods “fresh”? Consumers use more than just their taste buds to answer that question. Take sight. It’s a truism in the retail world that people buy with their eyes, and baked goods are no exception. Bread should have a nice golden color, and it shouldn’t look squished or smashed. Sweet baked goods should appear moist. They shouldn’t be oiling or look too wet. If they have icing, it shouldn’t be dry or cracked.