Magdelena Concentrate 2.0


Magdelena Concentrate 2.0 is a base used for popular Mexican pastries. It is great for Magdeenas, Piedras, Yoyos, Nueces, Caracoles, and more.


  1. Extended shelf life
  2. Reduced scaling and increased consistency
  3. Mixer to freezer to oven with no formula changes
  4. Excellent volume


Sugar, Baking Powder (Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate), Non Fat Dry Milk, Artificial Flavor, Salt and 2% or Less of Each of the Following: Palm Shortening, Beta Carotene (Color).




Magdelena Concentrate 2.0 27.00
Shortening, Trans fat free 19.00
Combine above ingredients in mixing bowl and mix until smooth and lump free
Whole eggs 18.00
Add eggs slowly and mix until smooth and lump free
Patent Flour 53.00
Water (chilled) 18.00
Add flour and water and mix 3-4 minutes until smooth
Total weight 135.00


Bake in rack oven at 400°F for 16-17 minutes