Danish & Sweet Dough

Tender Flake Supreme 2.0

DESCRIPTION Tender Flake Supreme 2.0 contains all of the ingredients necessary to produce high quality Danish pastry or sweet dough. FEATURES Contains a unique conditioning and emulsification system that makes a superior finished product with extended shelf life and excellent flake and eating qualities Designed to make dough with maximum […]

Pan D’Huevo 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Pan D’Huevo 2.0 is a top quality base used for a variety of Mexican and Hispanic rich sweet bread products. This base can also be used to make delicious coffee cakes, Danish and sweet doughs. Other uses for this product include Panettone and Portuguese sweet bread. FEATURES Formulated for […]

Magdelena Concentrate 2.0

DESCRIPTION Magdelena Concentrate 2.0 is a base used for popular Mexican pastries. It is great for Magdeenas, Piedras, Yoyos, Nueces, Caracoles, and more. FEATURES Extended shelf life Reduced scaling and increased consistency Mixer to freezer to oven with no formula changes Excellent volume INGREDIENTS Sugar, Baking Powder (Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium […]

Honeybun Concentrate 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Honeybun Concentrate 2.0 is designed to produce high quality Honeybuns with excellent dough machinability and strength. The finished product uses the latest in extended shelf life technology. FEATURES A sophisticated “no-time” dough system Contains unique dough conditioning and emulsification systems Designed to produce dough with maximum tolerance to automated […]

Super Danish Base 15 2.0

DESCRIPTION: Super Danish Base 15 2.0 is a flexible base that produces both rich and lean Danish or sweet dough products. FEATURES Extends shelf life of finished products Contains a balanced dough strengthening system Optimize yeast levels in Danish to produce a “no proof” product Designed to add eggs and […]