Redefining ‘normal’

When COVID was at its peak, experts in health, business and other fields tried to forecast what the “new normal” would look like, once the pandemic was under some form of control.

What’s Trending: 4 key drivers

Staying ahead of the latest trends is a top priority for Corbion. The company continually assesses the latest insights, working together with its customers to direct the right resources at the challenges and opportunities that make the greatest impact. “Making the conscious choice to let customer needs — rather than […]

Premiumization evolves to meet modern food needs

When people hear the words “premium” and “food” together, a few other words might spring to mind: indulgence, treat, reward, decadent. Indulgence is certainly one of the main reasons consumers decide to spend a bit more — or a lot more— for that extra-special cake, drink or entree. The need to escape the everyday and reward yourself with something special is a perennial human need. And of course it has to be delicious.