Top ways to drive brand loyalty

There are many ways to drive brand loyalty in the baked goods industry. According to Ashley Robertson, market manager, bakery, for Lenexa, Kansas-based Corbion, here are the top six:

  • Rewarding customers
  • Asking them for advice and new product ideas
  • Offering greater convenience
  • Delivering consistent products that create unique and memorable experiences
  • Avoiding low-pricing incentives that send the impression of low quality

Consumer demand for transparency is also driving purchasing behavior, Robertson added. Many of today’s consumers want to know exactly what’s in their food and where it came from. Research shows that 93% of consumers say it’s important for brands and manufacturers to provide detailed information about what’s in their products, and communicating these attributes helps build trust and allows consumers to purchase products that fit their needs and lifestyles.

Not everyone will respond in the same way, of course. Millennials, for example, are widely thought to be the most brand-loyal generation, but they’re also very selective.

“Finding a way to make the experience unique, personalized or tailored is the key — make it feel special and specific to them and you will be more likely to win them over,” Robertson said. “Gen Z consumers are digital natives and tend to gain interest through technology and visual elements. Finding a way to engage with this generation through social media or having influencers share your baked goods with their followers can help promote authentic brand awareness.”

Robertson adds that if you only connect with shoppers when you want them to buy your baked goods, you’ll have trouble keeping them around for the long haul. “By making it easier for consumers to access your baked goods when it’s convenient for them and using clear, authentic messaging to communicate key product attributes, you’ll also be more likely to build loyalty.”